On this page are resources that may have been referred to in the various seminars. We encourage you to investigate them to enhance your knowledge.

Roatan Marine Park

Roatan Marine Park Facebook

The CoCoView Resort Weather Forecast

The Florida Aquarium If you cannot visit in person, click link


    Record your seahorse observation

    Explore maps, photos, ID guides, and other seahorse data

    Take action for seahorse conservation

    iSeahorse app free for iPhone

    Guides for identifying seahorses

Project Seahorse

Project Seahorse Facebook

A Guide to the Identification of Seahorses  fantastic identification book (.pdf)

Report Sighting a Sea Turtle

Wider Caribbean Sea Turtle Conservation Network

    Guides for identifying sea turtles

Sea Turtle Conservancy

    Identification Flowchart of sea turtles

Sea Turtle Resource great classroom/educational site

Coral Reef Alliance

SECORE  worldwide coral reef conservation program

Caribbean Research and Management of Biodiversity

    Star Corals Identification

    Plating Corals Identification

    Brain Corals Identification

    All Other Corals Identification

Caribbean Marine Life ID Gallery

    The above link is very thorough with photo ID of fish, creatures, corals, marine plants and algae, sea turtles, things that sting, coral diseases and stress identifiers,  and sharks and rays.

Smithsonian Ocean Portal  Questions involving the oceans will be answered here.

    10 Things You Never Knew About Seahorses